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I Work With:


I work with all couples (age 18 and over) regardless of sexual orientation, to overcome issues such as:


  • Lack of effective communication

  • Infidelity

  • Difficulties in parenting

  • Difficulties in finding balance between the priorities of the couple and the individual priorities

  • Deciding whether to end the relationship


I also work with couples who have already made the decision to part ways, to help them part in the most peaceful manner possible.


My Approach:


Although every couple is unique, there are certain elements that almost always inform my work with couples.


First, I look at how the couple communicates.  Does it seem that they really listen to and hear the other person or does it seem like they half listen while they are thinking about what they want to say next? Until a couple can communicate well, it is difficult to work on the deeper issues.  I am a Level 1 Gottman Method couples therapist and I use many of these strategies to teach the couple to communicate.  If the couple is willing, I will often recommend that they read John Gottman’s book, The Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work, in between sessions.


Second, I am interested in the couple’s history together, particularly the point at which the relationship went from working to not working.  


Third, I explore each partner’s family of origin and how unresolved issues from their families of origin may be hindering their interactions with each other.


Finally, I help each partner understand how the other has been hurt during the relationship. I believe that until each person can truly walk in the other’s shoes, the relationship cannot completely heal.

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